Manaaki Athletes

We are dedicated to support professional athletes in different fields of their personal development. With our experience from the business world we can give you a head start into your second career. Therefore we work together with strong partners. Learn from experienced start up advisors about the key steps of starting your own business.

Start Up Collaboration

You would like to become a Brand Investor or Brand Ambassador for an innovative and fast growing start up? There are endless possibilities. From pure investment to the operational shaping of the start up. Manaaki will find the perfect match.

Personal Development

You want to lay the foundations for your career after professional sports? We offer several consulting modules depending on your ideas and your current state to nudge you into the business world.

Become Entrepreneur

You think about founding a company by yourself? Learn how to start and evolve your own business. Become a role model for other athletes. We offer several modules from Service Design Thinking Workshops until full service start up consultancy.

Sustainable Player

You are interested in sustainable topics? We can help you to position yourself as a sustainable player and support initiatives which impact the world for the good.

Player Development

You have questions about important topics within your player’s career or you need a second opinion from experienced players on your next step. Manaaki can help.

Manaaki GmbH

Founded in 2021 by Ole Springer and Marcus Bremer, Manaaki is a consulting company for professional athletes, businesses and clubs providing solutions for their needs.


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