Manaaki Sports Clubs

You want to take your club to the next level? We support you with guidance on digitization, sustainability and with the collaboration with innovative companies.

Sustainable Club

Your club is interested in sustainable topics? We can help you to position your club as a sustainable brand and to support initiatives which impact the world for the good.

Digitized Club

No matter if you want to digitize the whole club or just a single process. Manaaki can help you to be state of the art and impress your members. Moreover we try to find matching public funding possibilities for you.


You need a partner from the start up environment to excel a new project? You need to realign a part of your club? Manaaki can help you finding a perfect match and strategy.

Manaaki GmbH

Founded in 2021 by Ole Springer and Marcus Bremer, Manaaki is a consulting company for professional athletes, businesses and clubs providing solutions for their needs.


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