We help professional athletes expanding their positive impact on the world by advising on sustainable and technology-intensive topics. These can include but are not limited to working with startups, developing a sustainable athlete’s brand and supporting athletes to prepare for the second career. That dedication to support others is what “Manaaki” stands for in the Maori language.

Ole Springer

Ole has been playing soccer professionally since he was ten years old. He also holds an MBA from the University of Hamburg and is currently a player, coach and project manager at Werder Bremen.

Marcus Bremer

Marcus has 15 years of experience in corporate, mid-sized and start-up environments and studied Business Administration and International Management in Germany and the USA. He is an enthusiast in the field of new technologies and has been able to build a very large start up network.

Manaaki GmbH

Founded in 2021 by Ole Springer and Marcus Bremer, Manaaki is a consulting company for professional athletes, businesses and clubs providing solutions for their needs.


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